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        Nestled in the mountains of the Front Range in Colorado, just an hour and a half drive from Denver International Airport lies the town of Estes Park - Gateway to Rocky Mountain National Park. With its beautiful mountain peaks, wildlife abound (sometimes crossing the roads) and activities for the whole family, it's no wonder Rocky is one of the most popular National Parks in America.

         Whether you are planning on retiring in Estes Park or purchasing a second home, the notion of buying property usually triggers questions about the local area. In an effort to answer some of the inquiries, we at Front Range Jim -  Range Realty listed a few fun facts to give you a better idea of what you might expect to see and find.



Estes Park has a relatively reasonable cost of living when you consider all of the pieces to the puzzle.  The average cost of living index  score for the United States is 100, and In Estes Park the Cost of Living Index score was 101.6 in 2016. To give a better idea of how this compares, San Diego, California scored 138 in 2016 - and Chicago, Illinois had a cost of living of 107.2 in 2016.

Rentals: Estes Park rentals are quite a hot item with the area being so popular. As a result, apartments and condos that are for rent go very quickly. Often times it takes dedication and tenacity to find any that are available. One option some consider is to buy a home.

Commute Estes Park is up in the mountains but many folks appreciate it as well for its location. It is a beautiful drive on Hwy 34 or Hwy 36 down to Fort Collins, Boulder, Loveland and Longmont that are all about 45 minutes to an hour. Denver is about 20 to 30 minutes longer depending on exactly where you are going.

Property taxes  are also a large part of annual expenses for many. Median property taxes in 2016 were approximately $1,860.00 in Estes Park, quite reasonable when compared to California or the New York/New Jersey area.

Speaking of large expenses, the estimated median house or condo value in 2016 was $393,000 for detached homes and $225,000 for Condos (in 2000 the combined average was $229,400)

The most commonly used house heating fuel is natural gas (80%), followed by electric at 16%


The Estes Park population in 2014 was 6,165, with the median age being 56.9 years.

Nearest city with population 50,000+   :  Loveland  23 miles (51,000 pop.)

Elevation 7,522 feet

The Crime rate Index in the United States averages 284.7, yet on average from 2016 the crime rate index for Estes Park was 73.7  -  quite low by national standards.

Weather - The Front Range has some of the sunniest weather in the nation and Estes Park is no exception. With an average of 89 days of precipitation per year, that leaves 276 days of beautiful Colorado sunshine. The average annual high is 57 degrees Fahrenheit and average annual low is 30 degrees Fahrenheit. I also happen to love the clean mountain air..

Estes Park Medical Center  has served The Area since 1975, With a 24-hour emergency department, 24-hour Advanced Life Support Ambulance Service, medical/surgical services, obstetrics, and home health and hospice services.

Shopping and Restaurants With Estes Park being a tourist town there are quite a few stores for buying family and friends that special birthday or anniversary gift. On the topic of food, there are also many restaurants in town to grab a bite or enjoy fine dining. We also have a major supermarket for grocery shopping as well as smaller convenience stores that carry the necessities.

Library  I definitely enjoy relaxing by the fireplace with a good book, so I appreciate the wonderful library we have here in Estes Park. It is actually quite impressive and has an upper level with many computers you can use for free and a pay-to-use printer.


         Of course, you may have more questions about our fantastic mountain community. Maybe you have questions about making your new home more energy efficient! Are you looking at houses for sale in Estes Park? Maybe you want to get outdoors and meet people? Rocky Mountain National Park also has an amazing volunteer program that retired folks often enjoy. Feel free to drop us a message or call and we will do our best to get you the answers you need...


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