You Need To Know About Carriage Hills In Stunning Estes Park, CO

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            Here in Estes Park, Carriage Hills is the largest and one of the more well known neighborhoods. When it comes to peace and quiet, I think Carriage Hills real estate is actually a slightly better deal compared to other subdivisions in Estes Park.

             Of the many reasons I enjoy this neighborhood, one thing is the variety of homes. I like when properties are not identical, and although I can understand the approach and convenience for Estes Park builders, I appreciate log cabins, raised ranches as well as a custom contemporary homes and everything in between. As the saying goes, variety is the spice of life and I feel the same way about my neighborhood.    

             Carriage Hills is located between route 7 and Fish Creek Road on the south side of Estes Park and I like this location for a few reasons. In my opinion, this neighborhood has wonderful snow-capped mountain views in many directions and that along with the Elk, Moose and Mule Deer is half the reason for living in Estes Park to begin with!

              As far as proximity goes, from Carriage Hills you can get to downtown Estes Park by utilizing numerous roads such as  S. St. Vrain Avenue, Fish Creek Road, or the back way taking Moccasin Circle Drive to the west side of town. This may seem somewhat insignificant, but I promise you that on any warm summer weekend when the visitors are in full force, it is great  to live in a quiet neighborhood that has a bunch of alternative routes to get into the downtown Estes Park area. Other neighborhoods in town can get slowed down by visitors trying to get into Rocky Mountain National Park for some hiking. Last year RMNP had 4 million visitors, and they are estimated to hit 5 million by 2020. No wonder folks want to buy real estate here!


            For the many hikers that might be interested, CARRIAGE HILLS is about a 7 minute drive to Lily Mountain in the Roosevelt National Forest, which is a wonderful medium effort hike with spectacular views at the top which displays the Estes Valley in spectacular fashion. About a minute further south from Carriage Hills is Lily Lake, which has a wonderful strolling path around it, as well as a small hill that would be considered easy. Both are free to hike which does create some crowded parking situations during the peak summer weekends. To encourage exercise, there is also a paved path leading from Carriage Hills all the way to Estes Park and the downtown area which is often used for walking and bicycling. There is also a terrific playground in Carriage Hills to keep the children entertained. It has a small climbing wall, a spiral slide, a climb through and 4 swings of which 2 are for babies or infants. Add in some wonderful mountain views and a paved path around the Carriage Hills pond and you have a great way to spend the afternoon with or without the children. houses for sale estes park,log home estes park,estes park realtor,estes park real estate,homes for sale estes park,







    Another convenience for the neighborhood is definitely fishing. Carriage Hills is located right about in between Marys Lake and Lake Estes. Both allow bait fishing and both are stocked once a week in the summer, with the likely catch including a variety of trout. Add in the numerous river fishing spots in and around Estes Park, and things are looking up for fun by the water. In my opinion, the area is an overall mountain anglers dream.

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           On a separate note, if you happen to have children or grandchildren Carriage Hills might just be the perfect spot! On the south side of the neighborhood is a summer camp for kids aged 9-17 years old, called Cheley Colorado Camp. It is a four week summer camp, grouped in units by age and gender, filled with adventure and learning experiences all in one, building independence, integrity and self-reliance.  The children get a chance to participate in many activities that will help them develop and grow such as biking, climbing, horseback riding and other experiences that help develop friendships and bonds lasting a lifetime, all while surrounded by the beautiful mountain views that make Estes Park so desirable.


            I wanted to add a some pricing information to give you a better idea of what real estate costs, so below is a chart showing an average price history for detached home sales in the Carriage hills neighborhood in Estes Park for 3 years ending June of 2016. Since Carriage Hills is the largest Home owners association in Estes Park, there are almost always a handful of homes for sale at any given time.  I hope you find this information helpful in any decisions you might be trying to make. If you have any other questions about Carriage Hills or Estes Park, feel free to write or call and ask, we would be happy to help in any way large or small. You may also be interested in some information on Estes Park itself, so if that sparks your interest, click here.


Carriage Hills Home Owners Association Estimated Dues:  $30 / Annually - Dues are voluntary

Fees Include: Tree Slash pick up, Negotiated rate for Pine Beetle Spraying, and road snow removal.

(This information is subject to change and should be independently confirmed with the Carriage Hills Home Owners Association, Estes Park)


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January 2018 UPDATE: Fish Creek Road in Carriage Hills - Road work is completed and Fish Creek is open for driving! 

I do have one last piece of information to share regarding this wonderful neighborhood. Recently, I decided to actually purchase a home in Carriage Hills, now there's an endorsement that might make you feel more comfortable...

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houses for sale estes park,log home estes park,estes park realtor,estes park real estate,homes for sale estes park,

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